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Beyer Family Law Solicitors specialise exclusively in all areas of international divorce and family law. We know that the breakdown of your marriage or relationship or any other family related problem can be extremely difficult and traumatic. We are here to help you.

With over ten years of experience as international divorce lawyers based in London we have dealt with large numbers altof both straightforward as well as highly complex cases and we offer you expert legal advice and strategic support.

Kerstin Beyer is dual qualified (german/english) and has been dealing with international divorce cases for over ten years. She was admitted as a Rechtsanwältin to the German bar in 1999 and as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of England and Wales in 2001.  


Welcome to Beyer Family Law Solicitors

We are international divorce and family lawyers based in London with offices directly opposite the Royal Courts of Justice. We are highly specialised and deal with family and divorce law exclusively. For over ten years we have dealt with hundreds of cases covering all areas of family and divorce law. We have dealt with many small and straightforward cases such as an undefended straightforward divorce as well as many big and complex cases involving children and financial issues. Contact us now. We can help you.  


International Divorce and Family Lawyers

We advise our clients on English family law, however, many, if not most of our clients are not English although they may live or have lived in London or England and Wales. Many of our clients live and work abroad. Our clients reside in Europe, Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East, USA, Australia and/or New Zealand.  Most of our clients have some connection to London and/or England. We will advise you on the best course of action. Call us now. 


Divorce, International Divorce, Islamic Divorce, Talaq, uncontested divorce, contested divorce, separation

Divorce can be traumatic and very emotional and many people do not know where to start. They often think that they have to get divorced in the country in which they got married. This is not true. We advise our clients where to divorce as the divorce laws vary considerably from country to country. If we advise our clients to proceed with a divorce in England and Wales then that process usually takes between 3 – 6 months. The only ground for divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage which can be based on adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, 2 years separation with the other party’s consent and 5 years separation. We are highly experienced in dealing divorces containing a foreign element, for example where one party resides abroad, a party cannot be found or a party must be served internationally. We are highly experienced in dealing with any type of divorce. Call us now.


Children, Contact, Custody, Residence, Specific Issue, Prohibited Steps

The English Courts can resolve issues that concern a child, for example where and with whom a child should live or how much contact your child should have with someone. The Courts can also deal with specific issues (schooling, religion) or prohibit someone to take certain steps. However, we also negotiate agreements if that is possible. We are experts at dealing with issues surrounding children. Call us now to discuss your situation.


Civil Partnership, Cohabitation, Financial Settlements, Child maintenance, Spousal maintenance, Pensions

Many couples need to resolve the finances between them following their separation. The starting point in a divorce is often to issue divorce proceedings. Parties can thereafter apply to the Court for a financial settlement. Upon issuing such an application the Court will impose a court timetable and both parties are required to take certain steps such as fully disclosing their financial assets. Once both parties are satisfied that both parties’ assets have been disclosed fully it is attempted to negotiate a settlement. If a settlement cannot be negotiated between the parties the Court will approve the settlement and make this settlement into a so called consent order. If negotiations fail the case will proceed to a final hearing and a Judge will make a decision which is binding. We are highly experienced having negotiated many financial settlements. Please contact us now to discuss your situation.



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