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Children’s IssuesWhen parents separate, there are often agreements that have to be made regarding the children's residence, contact and related financial issues. It is wise to obtain professional advice.

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Children's Issues

If a marriage or a relationship breaks down there may be disagreements as to where your child should live (residence), whether your child should live with both parents (shared residence), and how often a child should/or could see the other parent (contact, overnight staying contact, supervised contact, supported contact).

We have over ten years’ experience resolving such issues. We will devise a strategy with you and will then try to reach a negotiated agreement as swiftly as possible. If necessary we will issue Court proceedings to protect the interests of you and your child.

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International Children Issues

If you and your child reside in England and Wales but would like to return to your home country to live (or any other country for that matter) then you need the consent of the person who also has parental responsibility for your child. If such consent is not given and cannot be negotiated then you may have no other option but to make an application to the Court for permission to remove your child from the jurisdiction of England and Wales. Such an application will need to be prepared well by an experienced law firm such as ours. We have very successfully handled applications like this over the years.

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    Children Case Example

    J is a German national residing in England. The father of her two children G is a Serbian national with indefinite leave to remain in England. J wishes to return to Germany following the breakdown of the parties’ relationship, however, G does not allow her to take the children.

    Our Solution

    J will need to start court proceedings to ask the Judge for permission to take her two children out of England and Wales. She is not allowed to leave England and Wales with her children unless she has either the permission of the Court or of G (as he also has parental responsibility for their two children).

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