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Approach To FeesWe make sure our fees are clear and explained upfront. But if we can resolve your situation in our initial conversation, we will, for no charge at all. Call us now.

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How much will it all cost? This is the question that you will have on your mind and in most cases a solicitor will answer by saying ‘it depends’.  So our approach is a little different, which is to make your first conversation with us free.  You are welcome to call us at no cost so we can take the time needed to discuss your situation and to advise you there and then what your options are. If we cannot resolve your problem over the telephone we then offer you a fixed fee first interview and consultation.

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If you need ongoing advice...

Should you require ongoing help from us then we will give you an estimate of future costs with the option for you to limit fees. We do that because English solicitors charge by the hour. This makes it difficult to predict fees as they will depend on the complexity of the matter, on how quickly the parties are able to resolve their differences etc. In certain cases we are able to fix our fees. The best step you can make is to call us to find out for free what you might need to do next.

What our clients are saying

I’ve so appreciated your help in negotiating this clean break consent order. It’s such a relief knowing that proceedings are now over for good.


“Our door is always open and I am always on hand to help. If you are concerned about your situation or need some advice, you can call me now. It won't cost you anything for us to speak.”

Kerstin Beyer Principal Partner

    Thank you for helping me in this difficult situation. I felt so much better having you by my side and knowing that I could always call or email for advice.

    from International Divorce Client
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