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Financial Claims & SettlementsThe outcome of a finance claim can make a significant difference to an individual's life. It's important the claim is handled by the very best professionals.

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When two people split up, many questions arise. These are often of a financial nature and they need to be addressed and resolved in the best possible way, as the stakes can be very high. The issues that arise will naturally vary from couple to couple but will usually centre around the couple’s home(s), the assets and pensions that the couple has and the income and benefits that are available for both parties.

We can help you resolve these very important issues either out of Court through negotiation or collaborative law, or else fight your case strongly in Court to safeguard your financial interests and get you the best possible outcome. This may include matters like an application for interim maintenance if voluntary maintenance is not being paid by the other party, the registration of your matrimonial home rights and so forth. If robust action is required, then we can issue a freezing injunction at Court to safeguard existing assets.

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Are the finances linked to abroad?

If the case has an international element with one of the parties living abroad and/or assets abroad then matters can become more complicated and you are advised to contact us as soon as possible so we can assess your options.

We can provide international clients with sound legal advice based on many years of dealing with international cases relating to divorce, finances and children.

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    Financial Claim Case Example

    S works as a doctor and J as a teacher. They separated after 15 years of marriage. Their children were 10 and 13. Both S and J wanted the children to stay in the former matrimonial home with J, however, there was not enough equity in the house to re-house S. What could be done?

    Our Solution

    S agreed to rent a property until the youngest child was 18. The parties agreed that upon the youngest child turning 18 the former matrimonial home should be sold so that S could gain his share of the equity and J hers. J agreed to get less maintenance from S for only a couple of years to reflect the fact that S would not be able to purchase a property for himself for the next 8 years.

    What our clients are saying

    I’ve so appreciated your help in negotiating this clean break consent order. It’s such a relief knowing that proceedings are now over for good.


    “Our door is always open and I am always on hand to help. If you are concerned about your situation or need some advice, you can call me now. It won't cost you anything for us to speak.”

    Kerstin Beyer Principal Partner

      Thank you for helping me in this difficult situation. I felt so much better having you by my side and knowing that I could always call or email for advice.

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