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Collaborative LawCollaborative law aims to resolve disputes without going to court. We are trained collaborative lawyers, here to help you negotiate on your behalf with minimal conflict.

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The Collaborative Law approach helps all family members come through the divorce with much less trauma and stress. Because the parents are not fighting, the children adjust better.

For around 136,000 couples every year, divorce is a reality they have to get used to. Many couples end up fighting each other in Court , but it does not have to be that way. Started in 1990 by a Minnesota lawyer, Stu Webb, Collaborative Law aims to resolve disputes without going to Court. Both parties agree to settle the case out of Court through negotiations with the help of their respective lawyers.

We are trained Collaborative lawyers. If you want to settle your case out of Court, we will guide negotiations, manage conflict and help you and your partner find solutions that work.

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      Thank you for everything that you have done… you certainly went the extra mile! I am grateful that I am now in the position to move forward with the kids, without too many worries.

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