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International DivorceFamily and divorce matters that have international aspects require a law firm with a wealth of relevant experience. Contact us for immediate advice.

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The mobility of people within the European Union and around the world has led to an increasing number of families whose members are of different nationalities. They might live in different countries or live in a country of which some or all of the family members may not be nationals. International couples (spouses from different nationalities) often face problems across borders when they separate and try to resolve cross-border disputes concerning their marriage or the custody of their children. The situation might appear complex. Which law applies? Which court has jurisdiction? In Europe, rules are in place to determine jurisdiction and help international families since 2001, however, the rules are always changing with new laws coming into force frequently.

Against this backdrop, we are here to help clients make the best decisions with regard to their divorce or family situation if their circumstances have an international element.

For many years we have helped international families resolve their problems. Our extensive experience in this field enables us to help our clients understand what situation they are in and how their problems can be resolved. Call us now to discuss your situation.

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Matrimonial Matters in the EU – Background

The Brussels IIa Regulation (Regulation No 2201/2003) is the cornerstone of EU judicial cooperation in matrimonial matters and questions of parental responsibility. The 2003 Regulation on jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments on divorce, separation and judgments on parental responsibility for the children has helped prevent parallel judicial proceedings in several EU countries by identifying which country’s courts are responsible to deal with a divorce and with parental responsibility matters (such as custody and visiting rights).

The Regulation has applied since 1 March 2005 to all Member States except Denmark. Apart from providing uniform rules to settle conflicts of jurisdiction between Member States the Regulation facilitates the free circulation of judgments, authentic instruments and agreements in the Union by establishing rules on their recognition and enforcement in another Member State. In 2006, the Commission proposed amendments to the Regulation as regards jurisdiction and introducing rules concerning applicable law in matrimonial matters. No unanimity could be reached within the Council with regard to the rules on applicable law and the Commission therefore withdrew the 2006 proposal to amend the Regulation. On the basis of new Commission proposals, 14 Member States agreed to establish enhanced cooperation among themselves and adopted a Regulation laying down rules determining the law applicable to divorce and legal separation (the “Rome III” Regulation).

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