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Do you live in the Ukraine? Or are you a Ukrainian national? Or you got married in the Ukraine? Or your child was born in the Ukraine? Or your child was born in Russia? If that is the case then you may think that that means that you must also get divorced in the Ukraine or that you can only issue a claim for child maintenance in the Ukraine. However, that is not necessarily true if you have a connection with England & Wales.

Check with us first where you could issue proceedings, in particular if you, your husband or the father of your child resides in England. Sometimes, and in particular in many international cases, it is possible to issue proceedings in more than one country, for example in the Ukraine and in England irrespective of where you now live or got married. And if that is the case then get advice from us as to where it is better to issue a divorce or an application for child support. Because you can only issue one divorce petition or one claim for support for your child although the outcome of the proceedings can be very different depending on which court in which country will deal with your case.

Beyer Family Law Solicitors are International Family and Divorce lawyers based in London who have many years of experience in dealing with international cases. We will help you make the right decision early on and will help you through the process. Contact us now.

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