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Monika Pirani joins Beyer Family Law Solicitors

06.08.2018 / Kerstin Beyer

We are excited to announce that Monika Pirani, whom we have known for many years, has joined Beyer Family Law Solicitors. This is what Monika says:

■ I have extensive experience (qualified 1995), and I am particularly skilled in managing complex disputes involving financial and children issues.

■ I am a family mediator, accredited by the Family Mediation Council, and can help families identify viable solutions to their problems without the need for contested court proceedings.

■ As a member of Resolution, the association of 6500 lawyers and other professionals in England and Wales, I am committed to resolving disputes in a constructive manner if at all possible.

■ I have wide experience of cases with international elements. I am bilingual (English and German).

My experience covers the full range of family law disputes arising from the breakdown of relationships between married or unmarried couples, including those in civil partnerships. I have extensive experience in drafting and advising on pre- and post-marital agreements, or civil partnerships and cohabitation agreements.

Where children are concerned, my experience includes disputes about arrangements for children following a separation, and cross-border matters such as applications for permission to remove children from the jurisdiction of England & Wales.

I qualified as a lawyer in 1995. I was Partner and Head of the Family Team at Christian Khan solicitors in Bloomsbury (2001-08), and also worked at Bishop & Sewell, Bloomsbury, and Docklands Solicitors at Canary Wharf.

I am married to a university researcher and live in London. We have a daughter and two young grandsons.

Positions and qualifications:

■ I am accredited by Resolution in Advanced Financial Provision and Children Law.
■ I am a Member of the Law Society for England and Wales, and an Accredited Member of the Family Law Panel.
■ I served on the Management Committee of the Plumstead Community Law Centre from 1994 to 2015, most of the time as Chair. I am also former Chair of the International Committee of the City of Westminster and Holborn Law Society.
■ I am a Committee Member of the British German Jurists Association, a group of lawyers and other professionals interested in British-German legal practice.

Reported Cases:

· F -v- F [2009] 2FLR 1496, CA; [2009] EWHC 1448 (Fam); (dispute about jurisdiction in divorce proceedings), also reported in At a Glance.
· A -v- L [2010] 2 FLR 1418; [2010] All ER (D) 185 (Mar); (contested divorce proceedings, recognition of a foreign divorce decree).
· Angus -v- Emmott [2010] EWHC 154 (Ch); (the removal of executors appointed under a Will in a miscarriage of justice case).

What Clients Say:

“Thank you! I am so grateful for all your hard work, brilliant advice, patience and kind words. And thanks for sticking with me.” – A, Colchester.

“Throughout the case I have found your business acumen and aptitude to be professional and worthy of note. I am exceptionally pleased with your ability to listen well and to calmly explain any detail that I did not fully understand. Your letters were always well written and your prompt replies helped to make the matter less painful for me. An enduring calm manner is another aspect of your character that has left a lasting impression on me. Your excellent work leading to the decree absolute now enables me to look more positively to the future.” – RW.

“I am very grateful for all you have done and for helping me through the difficult journey. There will always be a space for you in my heart.” – SV, London.

“I would like to thank you for all your help, sound advice and sympathetic support. I was impressed by your technical expertise and attention to details. I will certainly recommend you to others.” – M, London.

“It is with respect and admiration that I acknowledge the contribution of Monika and her legal team to the success I have realised, she did an outstanding job ensuring that I could see my son in England whilst on leave from Afghanistan. It is not often that one finds an attorney who responds in such a timely and effective manner.” – LD, Texas.

“I thank you for everything you have done for me, the process has been difficult for me and I am pleased it is all over. I can now relax and take a break.” – BN, London

“Our door is always open and I am always on hand to help. If you are concerned about your situation or need some advice, you can call me now. It won't cost you anything for us to speak.”

Kerstin Beyer Principal Partner

    I’ve so appreciated your help in negotiating this clean break consent order. It’s such a relief knowing that proceedings are now over for good.

    from Financial Settlement Client
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